18 and happily in love
Anonymous asks:falling-in-l0ve-falling-apart is my best friend Melissa. I love her to death. She just had a really nasty break up with her douche boyfriend. She thinks she is all alone in this would even though she is my whole world. I'm scared she is going to hurt/kill herself. I need help convincing her that she is loved. I can't lose her. Not like this.... Please send her love. No advice. Just love and support. Anon, not anon. I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks

please guys if you have a heart you would do this for another human being thats going through a tough timeĀ 


Im not easily amused so if you grab my attention, CONGRATUFUCKINGLATIONS you’re in

  • Me: "Yeah..."
  • Person: "SAY SOMETHING IN IT!"
  • Me: -Forgets entire language-<p>my life in a nut shell</p>